First Nation Math Unit

Project Layout

  1. Slide 1 – Name of Topic and presenters
  2. Slide 2 – A Map of Canada with treaty number or numbers that best represent the area the topic comes from that you are presenting. ( this site may help you with this)
  3. Slide 3 – 6 Show your research about your topic through words and pictures (can also use ipads to film a demo and share as part of presentation or demo live)
  4. Slide 7 – What did you learn about First Nation Culture through this activity?
  5. Slide 8 – What did you learn about math through this activity?
  6. Slide 9 - Resources

Math 9 First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Resources
1. First Nations' Games of Chance Website website has two purposes:
1. to provide some meaningful and engaging contexts to enrich the classroom experiences that students may have with respect to mathematics, and
2. to support the building of cultural awareness and understanding by highlighting social games within the First Nations' cultures.
2. Games from the Aboriginal People of North America: Math Content
3. Aboriginal Perspectives – Games page
4. Lahal Game -
5. Lahal video -
6. Seminole patchwork -
7. Native American Geometry -
8. Ktunaxa Fish Trap -
9.Sticks and Stones -
10. Integrating Aboriginal Cultures with Math - (Might not be anything uselful here. Someone with greater knowledge of classroom teaching at Grade 9 would have to take a look).
11. Virtual Bead Loom -
12. Pacific Northwest Basket Weaver -
3. Native Access to Engineering - (There might be material on that site that is useable).
14. Village Math - This website contains situational and real life examples mixed with traditional history, mostly relating to northern or isolated living, often on-reserve. All materials are easily accessible and free to use. Many of the 25 chapters contained at the site are suited for teacher-lead activities and examples, while others can be used as student assignments. Students with below grade level reading abilities should not find the exercises, instructions, or questions difficult to understand.

Assignment Overview

Research Report Template

Media Presentations: Examples of Media Tools to use in your Presentation

Blabberize - Blabberize
How to Blabberize -
Prezi - Prezi- You will need to make an account to use Prezi but it is very simple and we are sure you will use it in the future.
How to Prezi -
Glogster -
How to use Glogster-
Wix -
How to use Wix -

Explain Everything - create own videos explaining FN Math
Haiku Deck - create a nice slide show of pictures and text FN Math
iMovie - create trailer hiliting FN Math
Comic Life - make graphic novel of FN Math

'Non' Technical Skit Poster Debate Food Dance Music

Why we should use different tools to make our presentations pop -

First Nation Math

Extra - Can You Believe this is Math
You can have groups of 3 or 4 for each station
Complete Each First Nation
Each student is required to write up and hand in your work for each station.

First Nation Math Unit Survey